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Multirides Ltd presents The Challenger!
The ultimate crowd puller with the ultimate gyroscopic ride. A compact and complete business for one price.

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* Easily transported and pulled by the smallest car. The all up weight is 5CST (250kg)
* It can be taken into any venue, even upstairs!
* It can be dismantled into 3 parts which can be carried by 2 persons into a venue.
* 10 minutes to take apart.
* The axle separates from the main frame with just 3 bolts. It takes 3 minutes.
* Will go through any double doors 5'6" wide even with the wheels on and in one piece!!!
* The drawbar can be removed by undoing 2 bolts for security. This gives a smaller footprint area.
* Easy to store. It will go into an ordinary single garage.
* It gives exactly the same ride as the larger Spaceball.
* Gives up to 35 rides per hour.

Don't delay book an appointment to see the Spaceball CHALLENGER

Spaceball Challenger
Business Advantages

£ Light and manoeuvrable. Can be towed by a Mini.

£ Dismantles in 10 minutes so that it can be carried by 2 people through a single doorway 5'6" wide.

£ It takes 5 minutes to set up in the field.

£ Comes completely mobile with wheels that are detachable.

£ Very stable on the most uneven site. No fear of tipping.

£ Detachable drawbar for security.

£ Spare seat covers are available.

£ Comes complete with a safety certificate issued by a NAFLIC approved engineer and conforms to the "Health & Safety Executives's" guidelines in pleasure rides.

£ Continuous development of new products and additions to our range of accessories.

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